Student Fellowships

A limited number of travel fellowships will be awarded to support students, postdoctoral researchers and young faculty members to attend Phononics 2011. Depending on availability of funds (awarded by the conference sponsors), the fellowships will fully or partially cover registration fees and travel and accommodation expenses.

To be eligible, the applicant must submit a two-page extended abstract by the January 15, 2011 deadline.

To apply, send, no later than January 15th, 2011, an e-mail to containing:

  • your CV, including your research topic, advisor, list of publications, etc.
  • 1-page statement about your research activities, and why you wish to attend Phononics 2011

The winners will be notified by e-mail by February 15th, 2011 and their names will be published on the conference web page. The conference organizing committee is looking forward to receiving your application.

Phononics 2011 NSF Student Fellows

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