Phononics 2011 NSF Student Fellows

The eleven US-based students listed below were named Phononics 2011 NSF Student Fellows. Each fellow receives a monetary award to assist with the travel expenses for attending Phononics 2011.

  • Osama R. Bilal, University of Colorado Boulder
  • Stefan Bringuier, University of Arizona
  • Bruce L. Davis, University of Colorado Boulder
  • Drew F. Goettler, University of New Mexico
  • Nai-Kuei Kuo, University of Pennsylvania
  • Andrea Leonard, California Institute of Technology
  • Kevin L. Manktelow, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Reza Pourabolghasem, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Matteo Senesi, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Nick Swinteck, University of Arizona
  • Andrew I. Young, University of New Mexico

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