Student Paper Competitions

Two student paper competitions will be held at the conference. The first will be for students presenting an oral presentation, for which we will be offering the single award of “Best Student Oral Presentation”. The second competition will be open to students presenting a poster presentation, for which we will offering a 1st Place Prize and a 2nd Place Prize for “Best Student Poster Presentation”. Each winner will receive a monetary award and a plaque.

If you are currently enrolled as a student and will be presenting an oral presentation or a poster presentation at the conference, and are interested in participating in the student paper competition, please send us an email ASAP to notify us of your interest. When you check in at the conference, please also notify the conference staff that you are participating in the competition and you will receive more information.

The competition will be judged by the members of the International Organizing Committee. The criteria for judging the participants in the competitions are provided here.

Phononics 2011 NSF Student Paper Awards

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