Student paper competition

Student paper competition information is now available by following the "student paper competition" link on the left-side navigation bar.  
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For Poster Presenters: Poster size

Maximum poster size in the conference will be 3.5 feet (width) by 4 feet (height).  
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Program Announcement: A Message from the Chairs

Dear Phononics 2011 participants,

We are glad to announce that the final Phononics 2011 conference schedule is now available online. Please  click on the “Conference Program” tab in the left side menu to download a copy. Please review your information and alert us to any unintended mistakes should you notice any. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

We would like to also draw your attention to the rapidly approaching the hotel reservation deadline. Our negotiated discounted lodging rate will expire on May 6th.

All participants who have not reserved their hotel rooms by May 6th will have to do so independently. We would also like to draw your attention to the fact that the conference is held on a U.S. Memorial Day National holiday weekend! Thus hotel rooms are in high demand and rapidly running out.
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Conference Program now available

You can now access the conference program by clicking here.  
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Hotel registration deadline approaching

Please be informed that the Conference hotel group rate arrangement will expire on May 6, 2011. If you have not reserved your hotel room, you can do so by choosing "hotel registration" from the left-side navigation.  
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Venue Change: A message from the Chairs


Dear Conference Participants,

We would like to thank you for contributing to the survey on the conference location. Upon analyzing the responses to the four options that were provided in the survey, we found that 67% of all survey participants will be able to attend the conference if held in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt while 89% of all survey participants will be able to attend the conference if held in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Consequently, and in order to minimize the number of people who will not be able to attend the conference due to the current situation, we have decided to move the conference location to Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA. If you will not be able to attend the conference due to this venue change, please accept our sincere apologies. ...

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Social Program Details Now Available


Details of the post-conference social program have been posted in the new expanded social program navigation sidebar on the left. Registration and payments for the social program will be through the conference registration processing system (to be made available shortly).

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Second Call for Papers Now Available

You can access the second call for papers for PHONONICS 2011 here.  
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Travel Fellowships

A limited number of travel fellowships will be awarded to support students, postdoctoral researchers and young faculty. More information here.  
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Invited speakers list now available


You can now access the list of currently confirmed speakers for plenary addresses, keynote addresses and Organizers' Colloquium addresses on the invited speakers page. Title and abstract information will be forthcoming.

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Sponsorship information now available


Information for prospective sponsors/exhibitors is now available thru the left-side navigation bar.

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For All Visitors: Call for Papers and Fliers Now Available

You can access the first call for papers for PHONONICS 2011 here, and the promotional fliers for the conference here and here. Please feel free to distribute and post the CFP and fliers.  
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